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Artiv8 is here with a desire to form an exciting mix of artists from the all over the world and to brand new and existing art collectors alike.


Our curators travel the world discovering artists who, in our view, produce the best paintings, mixed media works, photographic stills and installations in each segment they occupy.


By tapping into exclusive art markets, our mission is to create an approachable gateway with access to diverse 'edges' of the art world. 


Whilst many are still Emerging, most artists have attained recognition in their field or already have careers spanning many decades. This eclectic combination enhances the customer's ability in finding content that resonates with them at a great value and deliverable almost anywhere in the world.


Artiv8 will also be providing you with modern Trends, viewpoints and artist insights to forge better connections with the subject matters.


As a Community, we wish to remain as humble and honest as possible while creating an area dedicated to bringing our readers and clients more.


We welcome all to appreciate the talents from diverse and dramatic corners of the world, aiming to market work that captures us and offers more in-depth views on contemporary culture.


We are excited for you to join, learn, evolve and discover with us.