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Kim Byung-ChulKim Byung-Chul
Kim Byung-Chul

Kim Byung-Chul

Byung-Chul Kim was born in Gimje City, Jeollabuk-do Province of Korea in 1972.


Being the youngest of two brothers and a sister, he went to a high school in Jeonju until 19 years old, and entered Kusan National University when he was 20 years old, majoring in ceramics. However, although he majored in ceramics, he was always interested in painting and could not banish the lingering affection for the western painting.


After finishing undergraduate course in Fine Arts major in 1996, he studied for masters course in western painting in 2001 in Kusan National University.


In the graduate course, he formed a study group named CAC with undergraduate students, through which he could understand the general trend of modern art. He got the masters degree in 2005.


He had his first private exhibition in Kunsan. After that, he didnt do much on exhibitions for a few years while agonizing over the art he needed to pursue.


In 2008, he organized a group exhibition for CAC Group exhibiting his pieces as an artist. The title of the exhibition was 1M in front of me meaning to see oneself positively in life. In 2009, he organized an exhibition in Jeonbuk Province Art Museum in the theme of 'Family' as its producer and an artist. He thought that to live-on is possible only in the relationship between an individual and community while his themes reflected his attitude to life to see the world in the keyword of 'Community and Me' rather than showing just individual issues which modern art pursues. 

In 2010, he tried to question the meaning of art as the producer and artist of the exhibition 1917-2010. In his art, he took the value and reason of life as its motif in the title of 'A touch of attention', and the exhibition became the turning point in his art. He tried to see the extension of life or the relationship with the world within a structure in the cultural context, suggesting a shape of a table with one leg only eliminating all other legs as a touch of attention.


This also showed his will to look at life positively although life is not perfect but imperfect or even incomplete. In other words, he tried to suggest a table with one leg only as the center of the work as well as the place to bridge the viewers to life.   


In 2013, in his individual exhibition in Seoul, he exhibited his theme of 'A touch of attention', where he produced works in the theme of dessert which are expanded works from the works shown through a table with one leg. These works suggested a structure that a table is standing with complete legs but its top plate is replaced by splints added over or extended longer. This exemplifies bonsai which is a tree growing, representing the coercion of the modern civilization. Especially, there are things which we can easily find in everyday life or foods on the bonsai which stand on one leg. That is, it symbolizes the incompleteness of civilized people who are living in the unidirectional way.


Afterward, he was awarded the 'Ha Jung-Woong Youth Artist Award' in 2013 held by Gwangju Museum of Art, where he submitted 250cm height by 400cm length large installation product, also being supported by one leg, in the title of DESSERT.


Recently, he was invited in 'Jeonbuk Youth Artists Exhibition' as a member of 4 Jeonbuk-Youths held in Jeonbuk Province Art Museum in 2015 showing numerous new works, receiving attention as one of new artists. He is living in Kunsan, Korea where his workroom is located.


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Selected Collections

  • Jeonbuk Museum of Art, GUI - South Korea
  • Gyodong Arts Center Art Museum, Jeonju - South Korea

Selected Exhibitions

  • A Tinge of Interest - Jeonbuk Museum of Art

    Seoul Gallery - South Korea, 2013

  • A Tinge of Interest - Gallery 89

    Seoul - South Korea, 2013

  • Galerie PICI

    Seoul - South Korea, 2012

  • Gallery Akka

    Jeonju - South Korea, 2012

  • Gallery Jeong

    Gunsan - South Korea, 2012

  • The Night and Day Fairies - Gyodong Art Studio

    Jeonju - South Korea, 2011

  • 36-6 Exhibition, Gunsan Civic Culture Center

    Gunsan - South Korea, 2007