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Part I - The Life of Art (proving something to people)

Part I - The Life of Art (proving something to people)

Dalia Yassine

Art sustains life. “Only as an aesthetic phenomenon is existence and the world eternally justified”, as said by Nietzsche in The Birth Of Tragedy.


Like the world itself, art is an on-going cycle continuously crafting new ways of expressing the subjective as well as the objective.


Art is surely everywhere and for anyone.


Delving into a piece of art is a most satisfying and enriching experience.


It is only human of us to look upon ‘inanimate artefacts’ as witnesses to human experiences since they help convey fragments of a story, an impulse to measure humanity via the things we touch, see and hold which arise naturally.


As humans, we seek such trails and objects of memory as a means to comprehend the world, history and ourselves. Art becomes an instrument that serves our curiosities, our senses and helps us fill in blanks.


We attach ourselves to items out of sentiment, perhaps of their symbolic value or to commemorate personal history.  We also seem to accept that art works have a life of their own with quite an emotional charm over us on a much broader cultural level. They convey the diversity and eclectic nature of life and escapism, in which we are seduced into engaging with the presence of art / life and the artist behind it. It becomes a state of contemplation and representation.


Art has hope, is hope. Hope of nature and humanity, the beautiful and the sublime. Travelling through landscapes and places, getting to know the outdoors, which seems so strange to us, is where art can lead you.


Collecting art does require a passion for it, a love of creative expression and a deep desire to care for and engage with important subjective objects.


They say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and so what is beauty is not only relative but an unlimited and uninhibited collection of shapes and colours, textures and structures which seem to appear to us.


Standing face-to-face with a piece of art, which can invade your sense of being and fill your imagination with all sorts of dormant emotions and thoughts, is just simply fulfilling its true purpose. We are a compilation of layers, a mystery to ourselves, where art helps us to decipher the world with more openness and simplicity.


One cannot grow bored of art; it is as if saying one can grow bored of oneself.


Day and Night complete one another just as much as art completes us. It is proof of all that is contained in life.


Surrounding, connecting and observing art is as valuable as exposing yourself to music, reading, sports and so much more. You wouldn’t just call it a hobby but rather a lifestyle, an entourage, a joie de vivre.


Simply start by asking yourself what your favourite pieces of art are and why.


Dig well into the reasons behind this attachment and let your emotions and impulses take over. Then and there, will you realize why art has an esteemed function. You don’t need me to remind you of it.


In this article, I have poured my heart out on attempting to answer ONE of the many reasons for collecting art.  And for this part, I can safely say that art provides something hopeful and real to people. We connect through art on numerous levels.