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A Tinge of Interest I

by Kim Byung-Chul

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Medium: Painting

Size: 181.8 x 227.3 cm

Acrylic on canvas

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ABOUT A Tinge of Interest I

Excerpts from a reflection by Yoon Ik, Department for Curatorial Studies 1 Chief of Gwangju Museum of Art


Facing his works in an exhibition space we find his own distinctive modeling quality. As if his pieces are in an ongoing state, they enable viewers to go through aesthetics of incompletion and void. Presented as images on a flat surface or three-dimensional structures in the form of installation, things we often meet in our daily life unveil their existence to the minimum in an audaciously abbreviated form, allowing others an unforced subjective interpretation. Viewers can enjoy the joy of contemplation in his work in which we do not go through the constant message objects convey as metaphoric thought are often found in other artworks.


He realized his own feeling of burden to produce something perfectly may be also burdensome to viewers. A table leisurely floating in the air underpinned by one leg and a transparent table with only four legs without the upper plate are examples envisioning the middle processes of completion. In the table series depicted as foam true existential form is invisible, and the intention it intimates is very special. True existence is not found in the table depicted as foam. As its outer appearance is shaped intentionally with very temporary matter, the table is likely to suddenly disappear if its outer appearance undergoes any slight change. In another work depicting a specific part of a table, the table seems to vanish before the viewer’s eyes, transcending the static atmosphere general pictorial work brings about. These works showing a still cut from moving pictures include Enormous Conversation, A Tinge of Interest, and Everlasting Question with Fleeting Meaning, clarifying his interest in exploring ontological nature.


Kim’s work also catalogues disparate situations of gravitation and non-gravitation through his own modeling renditions. Such examples are abbreviated or incomplete things depicted on a flat surface and three-dimensional works to which he applied contradictory laws of gravity. His works mainly describe weightless situations, and objects in his pieces seem as if they are trying to escape from the limits of gravitation. If presupposing or interpreting gravitation as a symbol of regulations, norms, laws, and moreover an appointment to be kept implicitly among humans, we can envisage what he tries to convey through his work. He paradoxically represents his own artistic will to live freely rather than being trammeled to some fixed frame.


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