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Eternal Dok Island (2013)

by Choulgyu-Lee

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Medium: Mixed Media, Ink

Size: 122 x 122 cm

Mulberry paper pulp, black ink and real golden leaf.

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ABOUT Eternal Dok Island (2013)

Gold, representing the eternal and precious value, has functioned as a means to expel the devil and ghost from old times. It has a meaning of worship too. In addition, gold represents the mammonism as a symbol of wealth and greed.


In my works, I use gold to represent both, namely representing eternal value and a symbol of wealth and greed. Generally, in the process of communicating, we need an intermediary as a message carrier or a medium as a vessel through which contents of meaning are expressed. That is to say, as the entire process of communication should be done with the use of an intermediary, the medium is an absolute precondition and an essential factor to communicate.


It is obvious in my works that more important than the general meaning of gold as a material used in my artwork, is the role that gold plays in depicting a sense of enlightenment that we are in the co-existing and living together relationship, between the artist and common people, subjects and objects, man and nature. This relationship cannot be separated. My subject matters appearing in my works, such as nature and human beings, mountains and flowers, the sun and birds, and other subjects are expressed in this relationship. In this case, the material gold is sometimes expressed as a space while at other times it becomes a space for living together and co-existing with one another. In conclusion, the subject matter and color expressed in the artists work connotes the material property and spirituality.


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