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Serenity in Chaos

by Gong Sue-Jung

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Medium: Photography

Size: 130 x 104 cm

4x5 Black & white film, Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Pearl Paper, Digital limited edition print - 1 of 10

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ABOUT Serenity in Chaos

Gong Sue-Jung investigates here the reality of the object, the everlasting moving water, by closing up its momentary status, in a reflection of law of time and the absence of the present.


There is only an on-going process, not a fixed structure. Here, photographing transforms the illusion of a moving wave, repeating birth and death into reality. Photographing devotes itself to the transformation of the natural accident into human destiny.


Gong expresses equivalency of physicality and psychological status by connecting the physical phenomenon of the sea wavewith the psychological status of thought; we discover the ultimate destination of the artists mind throughout.


The momentary rhythm of nature pierces into the human spirit and blooms in a storm of thoughts only to end again in a silent flow.


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